Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Water fun

Okay so I had to add one more post to my blog today. The water post. We went out on the lake a couple of times between wind and rain storms before we moved to Utah. Took the jet skiis (a total blast) out a lot more than the boat but we had lots of fun. I learned to wake board. Got up on my second try totally amazed myself. Anyone that has ever been snowboarding with me knows I am horrible. Wakeboarding isn't much different. I felt completley awkward the entire time and could only go heel side out but it was way fun. Wish I could have gotten a picture of the fish that Julia landed by. She let go of the rope and dropped right by a big ole dead carp. Of course she didn't see it or else she wouldn't of landed there. I yelled at her to look behind her and she just started screaming and swimming as fast as she could. I tell ya it was probably only two feet from her. Yuck. We even took Kooper out on the tube. Andrew wasn't around or else it never would have happened. But Kooper loved it he is a water baby that is for sure. Hopefully we will get another chance to go back before the season is over. I am certainly missing the lake.

We blessed Kooper on Easter. Our bishop was so kind to come to our house since it was conference Sunday so that we could bless him. It was a big weekend for us. Andrew went through the temple the Friday before and recieved his endowments and then was able to bless Kooper two days later. Kooper was already eight months old but we wanted to wait to bless him so that Andrew could be the one to do it. Kooper was such a stud in his white tails tux. What a great day. Kooper doesn't look very happy in the pictures where Andrew and I are holding him but I am about 99% positive that he had a little bit of an upset stomach. The second I took him out of his blessing outfit he had a complete blow out everywhere. We timed it just right.

What we are up to now

Andrew, Kooper and I just moved to Draper, Utah. It was a bitter sweet move we miss our friends and family back in Idaho but we are excited for new adventures in life. Andrew is working at Stockton to Malone Honda so if anyone is wanting to buy a car he will be there waiting for you. Kooper and I are just hanging out all day long. I am going to get a part time job but for now I have been busy with Kooper and unpacking and all that fun stuff. Kooper and I spend our days trying to finish the last two boxes of unpacking (they are the worst just lots of odds and ends), taking naps, feeding the ducks, and swimming. It has been so much fun to spend the entire day with him.

Catching Up

So my last post was over a year and a half ago. I am horrible at blogging but I am making a goal to do better. Here are some of Koopers baby pics to make up for lost time.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


We debated on getting a dog but we are both too busy for one. I could never get home to take it potty during the day and Andrew would have a hard time to. So we decied to get a cat. I have never liked cats ver much but mine is pretty much the most adorrable thing you have seen, and she is my baby. She sleeps in my arms just like a baby and when I get home from work she follows me around and cries until I finnally pick her up. She will cuddle and purr until Andrew comes home and then it is play time so she is in fighting mode and watch out she can bite pretty hard.

How we met

Andrew and I met the summer of 2007 when I started working at the plasma center. I thought he looked like a monkey with his uncontrollable long hair and he thought i was pretty much the hottest girl he would ever meet. We worked together for almost 6 months before he had the nerve to ask me out. Of course he did it by sending me a text message. The funny thing was that the same day he sent me a text message earlier that day at work one of my coworkers Katrina was saying how she wanted to us too up. Basically Andrew would be going out on a blind date not knowing it was me but I of course new. So she went to talk to him about it and told him that she had a friend that he needed to go out on a date with but wouldn't tell him who. He agreed and then that night when he got off work was sitting around bored and without knowing his blind date the next weekend was me sent me a text message to come over and watch a movie. Now from my perspective I recieved this text message and it didn't tell me who it was from replied who is this. I then recieved a text saying guess. So I'm thinking about everything that Katrina did earlier today and figured that she had given into him and told him his blind date was with me. So I text back Andrew. Now Andrew was totally shocked that I guessed him out of no where because Katrina had told him absoulutley nothing. So we got together and watched a movie at about 11:30 that night. The next day I was telling Katrina that he had text me and we got together and watched a movie. She still insisted that she hadn't told Andrew that his blind date was me. Well after that night Andrew and I watched a movie we pretty much spent every night after work together. Before I blind date that he still didn't know was with me I spilt the beans and told him Katrina was planning to set me up. Then it became a game between the two of us to see who could keep it a secret from the co workers the longest since we really weren't suppose to be dating and working together. Well I had told Katrina about the day we watched a movie together and nothing else so she thought it ended there. Two weeks later when our blind date came up we were all suppose to show up at chiles. When we got our tables Katrina (still not knowing that we were dating) insisted on us sitting together. So we did but Andrew got up to go to the bathroom and more friends came so we ended up sitting across the table from each other. This is where Andrew started losing the game. He winked at me across the table when he thought no one was looking but Katrina saw. Of course she found out after that and the secret got harder to keep after that. We ended up stuck in one of our coworkers driveway and yet another one found out. Then we went to the movies and ran into two other coworkers. Slowly the secret became harder and harder to keep. I did so good with the secret and ended up telling only one coworker. I actually had fun with it because everyone was suspecting things so at work I would sit there and play mind games with them. It was quite amusing. Then there is Andrew and his terrible ability to keep a secret told everyone else slowly. He told about every single coworker and then would tell them but don't tell anyone. But everyone knew cause he told them all. As things got more serious I decided to look for another job. I told Andrew (who was so persistant about getting married) that if I got a new job we could get married. The next week I got offered a job the for the Red Cross and we were married September 20, 2008.