Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Water fun

Okay so I had to add one more post to my blog today. The water post. We went out on the lake a couple of times between wind and rain storms before we moved to Utah. Took the jet skiis (a total blast) out a lot more than the boat but we had lots of fun. I learned to wake board. Got up on my second try totally amazed myself. Anyone that has ever been snowboarding with me knows I am horrible. Wakeboarding isn't much different. I felt completley awkward the entire time and could only go heel side out but it was way fun. Wish I could have gotten a picture of the fish that Julia landed by. She let go of the rope and dropped right by a big ole dead carp. Of course she didn't see it or else she wouldn't of landed there. I yelled at her to look behind her and she just started screaming and swimming as fast as she could. I tell ya it was probably only two feet from her. Yuck. We even took Kooper out on the tube. Andrew wasn't around or else it never would have happened. But Kooper loved it he is a water baby that is for sure. Hopefully we will get another chance to go back before the season is over. I am certainly missing the lake.

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